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Typical types of internal wear to pins and brushing:

  • Worn pin end: Obvious factors here are hillside operation and uneven ground. This type of wear is caused by incorrect chain tension and roller wear.
  • Loose pins: This can be caused by bending stresses during heavy operation.
  • Pin breakages: The principal cause of this is extreme shock or high static loads, which can occur when machinery works on rocky ground, or when material packs in the sprocket, causing extreme tension on the track chain.

Typical types of external wear to brushings:

  • Cracking or breaking of surfaces in contact with sprocket: This damage can be caused due to excessive wear and exceeding wear limits, heavy working conditions, or packing sprockets, allowing the brush to break.
  • Cracking or breaking of brushing ends: This type of damage can be caused by impact with the link counterbore when the pin and brushing clearance and other components wear, allowing excessive movement in the chain joint.

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